Covid19/Coronavirus Statement

We're here to help in your time of need

We can provide Telehealth/Video support sessions to Anyone affected by the current situation

As the response to this unprecedented situation escalates, and seems to change dramatically day to day, it is important to understand that these events can place significant stresses on our mental health, our relationships, and the interactions we have with others. Even more so when uncertain and unpredictable situations have the potential to threaten our personal safety, or bring harm to us or those we love. This is normal, and expected, given the circumstances.

During these times it is important to remember to:

  • be kind to yourself – look after your mental and physical health, take the time to relax, be mindful and compassionate to yourself. If you are in a higher infection risk category, be sure to pay particular attention to signs that your physical or mental health may be suffering. If you have additional medical conditions we recommend you stay in touch with your trusted physician.
  • be understanding of others – this encompasses loved ones, family members, friends and those in the wider community. We need to take the time to listen, enjoy shared experiences, and help those in greatest need.
  • get the facts – constant media coverage about the coronavirus can keep us in a heightened state of anxiety. Try to limit related media exposure and instead seek out factual information from reliable sources such as the Australian Government’s health alert or other trusted organisations such as the World Health Organization.

The Australian Psychology Society has released an informative guide with a range of helpful ideas to help support you and your families. Of particular importance is the section titled ‘tips for talking with children about the coronavirus’.

We can confirm Medicare will provide rebates to affected individuals, regardless of location, for accessing telehealth services in relation to the Coronavirus situation. If this applies to you or you would like to find out more information please contact out Reception and the team. Alternatively, you are welcome to book an appointment online at your convenience. We just ask that you add Covid19 to your booking request.

In terms of our daily operations, we are open for business. We will continue to provide telehealth and phone consultations as per usual and nothing will really change on this front. We will, of course, keep you informed of any disruptions that may prevent us from providing these services as soon as possible.

Please keep yourself safe during this difficult time and I look forward to talking to you soon.

Kind Regards,

Kathy Matheson, and the Karepsych Team

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