Restflix review: A streaming service for insomniacs

Tamara G

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The ongoing quest for sleep

Regularly seeing a psychologist (or working for one if you are as lucky as I am) happens to have many perks. We all know that being able to talk to someone about our stressors and personal issues greatly improves our quality of life, and talking to someone qualified only amplifies the progress one can make by opening up and working through our individual issues.

There is however one issue that I have struggled to put to bed (sorry but I had to) for my whole adult life, and that is my sleeping habits, which can best be described as dismal at best.

I would like to sit somewhere on the scale between a bull frog which never sleeps. and a koala that’s barely ever awake, but I can’t seem to get the right balance. More often than not I’m far more like a racoon roaming around late at night trying to steal snacks with dark circles plastered firmly around my eyes. 

Restflix review: A streaming service for insomniacs 1

Valiant battles fought and surrendered

This has been a great pain point for my previous psychologists and now my patient, and problem solving employer (and saviour), who has come up with solution after solution that may help.

Over the years I have tried;

  • daily and nightly meditations;
  • warm lavender baths;
  • calming yoga before bed;
  • cutting out screen time at least an hour before bed;
  • as well as a myriad of other options I was too sleep deprived to commit to memory!

I did happen to mention in passing that over the last couple of years my only hope has been the Stephen Fry readings of the Harry Potter series on Audiobooks, but this could range between 20 minutes and several chapters, played at various points throughout the night, thus driving partners to sheer madness and ruining their sleep whilst trying to salvage my own each night.

Hope springs eternal upon the horizon

This has all been a long preamble to me finally being introduced to the Restflix streaming service, which has honestly been a lifesaver. Think of it as the Netflix for insomniacs.

Play Video

I signed up for the one week trial, and thought ‘here we go again, another sleep app’, but found myself pleasantly surprised.

Included in the streaming service is a long list of calming videos that can be watched, or listened to, specifically designed to put your mind in a more restful headspace.

Restflix also boasts a large range of sleep meditations, various ambient noises and a plethora of  bedtime playlists with categories aptly named ‘anxiety relief’ and ‘for kids’. The stories I particularly enjoyed included underlying messages on how to ‘let go’ and ‘give to others’. 

Ensuing eternal bliss

Suddenly I was hooked! The Chamber of Secrets was abandoned somewhere between Harry having his arm broken and that rebellious trio taking Polyjuice potion. I found Restflix far more soothing, almost like a mini psychology session while I slept.

I found Restflix made it a lot easier for me to slip into sleep and stay that way, keeping my partner sane and helping me cruise from one day to the next looking and feeling far more refreshed.

These things tend to be different for everyone and what has me snoozing like a full koala in the midday sun may not be what works for you but I personally found that for me this was my ‘reverse lightbulb moment’. I could finally shut the light off and get some serious ZZZZZZ’s.


Resflix supports PC’s, smartphones, smart TV’s, gaming consoles and tablet devices. Apps can be found in all major app stores.

Entrepreneur.com are currently offering a 40% discount for a one year subscription to Restflix as part of their Black Friday 2020 sale. (non-affililate link)


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