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In life we often find ourselves in a state of change. Sometimes these changes are troubling and can pose new or complex challenges that force us to question our sense of self, our assumptions, and our purpose. We feel the need to seek meaning, clarity, context and connection, to both ourselves and others.

At Karepsych, we are both passionate and committed to honouring this exploration with you, regardless of where you live, your work arrangements, or your ability to visit a physical psychology practice.

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Our focus is in creating a calm, safe space that fosters trust and consistency, encouraging open and reflective communication between you and your therapist.

Our psychologists are trained, experienced and outcome focused. We take the time to get to know you, to actively listen, understand and work with you to find a pathway forward. To help achieve this, we apply a variety of skills and client focused strategies tailored to your individual needs.

We provide professional psychologist services to the Whitsundays, Sunshine Coast, Townsville, Ipswich and Rockhampton regions.

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This seems new. What if I have questions?

Call it what you will – online therapy, telehealth, video counseling, virtual consultations, eTherapy – the list of names goes on. Welcome to an emerging field of practice that offers a way of connecting those in need or distress to quality psychologists without the need for travel.

  • What is trauma?

    Trauma can be defined as any deeply distressing or disturbing event that may result in a psychological wound or injury. It can result in difficulty coping or functioning normally. Everyone’s reaction to potentially traumatic experiences is different.

  • What is trauma informed care?

    Trauma informed care helps trauma impacted individuals to build a sense of safety, control and empowerment.

    This trauma-informed approach upholds the safety, dignity and wellbeing of individuals using empathy and reflection.

  • What does a psychologist do?

    A psychologist will work with you to assess you and your personal needs before providing tailored treatment. Whether that be goals/target setting, coping strategies, mindfulness techniques or ongoing therapy.

  • What is a psychologists role?

    A psychologists role is to provide assistance and guidance to help you meet your personal goals, whilst creating a safe non judgemental space for you to openly discuss your concerns or fears.



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